Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last Valentine


This is talkin bout my last valentine wid one boy that loves me so much,,n i think i Love him too,,

(it's SECRET!!!) HEHEHE,, ;)

Saturday morning,,

i muSt prepare for my lab,,because saturday i have lab in my faculty,,it's so tired,,

Saturday afternoon,,

I go to my

college n then being there till 7.00 pm,,

Saturday Night,,

After the Lab,,he asked me to go out,,having dinner for a while time,,

after dinner,,he gave me a gift,,

wow,,so amazing,,he gave me a flowery maroon dress wid flower,,,

i'm so surprise,,

n after that,,at 8.30 pm i'm in my home,,

Here That Some picture bout the dress,,,

Thursday, February 26, 2009

february in many things happen


dah lama g buka blog krn lupa password heheheheeh...
but,,there's something bad happen,,that i don't believe it,,
huh,,life must go On,,
must b different!!