Monday, March 02, 2009

FRICILLA's birthday,,on Thursday 24th FEBRUARY,,

Today is a busy day,,why??
i dont know why my teachers like givin their students so many homeworks,,


i have class today from morning till afternoon,,

start from 08.00am till 05.00pm

whooa,,i'm so busy,,bcoz tonight my besties celebrate her birthday in MERDEKA WALK Medan wid other her girls(bah,,berat bahasanya ne,,heheheehe),,

sif i wan to attend that night,,i must prepare everything about my homeworks for tomorrow,,

and when i open my diary to see the task for tomorrow,i really2 upset,,

THERE ARE SO MANY TAsk n Journal,,

So,,after the class ended,,i'm hurry go to home,,

and do all the task till o7.oo pm,,

after that,,without taking a bath (thanx God i have white skin so still shine eventhough i'm not take a bath), i wash my face and dress up,,

i don't have enough time to comb my hair n give lipgloss to my lips,,so,i makle it in the car on the way of Merdeka Walk,,

n that,,i met all her girls n my besties in there,,

we take dinner,,n taking a photo,,we ask for the waiter to take our picture,,

i am wearing the yellow oversize t shirt,,

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